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Resources for Farmers

The Burren Programme team have included here useful resources for farmers.  However, if you cannot find what you are looking for please give the office a buzz and we’ll be delighted to help out in any way we can.

This list should help farmers when purchasing supplies for I-2 works.   The suppliers listed here have been sourced from contacts received from Burren Programme office.  This is not a definitive list of suppliers or a definite list of what they offer.

The Workers’ database will help farmers source workers for various I-2 tasks.  This list contains information sourced from contacts through Burren Programme office.  Burren Programme does not recommend any particular worker or offer any guarantees as to the quality of their services.  This database has been updated in August 2019.

The Advisors listed here are fully trained Burren Programme Advisors.

For BP I-2 receipts requested on your I-2 Claim Sheet (whether “Submit receipt (s), ‘Provide proof of purchase’ or ‘Submit D2 with receipts’) please ensure all receipts fulfill DAFM’s receipt requirements to be eligible for part-funding under the programme.   See eligible receipt

Best Practice

The Burren Programme Team has set up useful Checklists for farmers to use, for a number of different areas.  These are short documents that you can download and they contain guidelines  as to what to do, and not to do, in the course of Burren Programme work, whether that is:

The Burren Programme Team has set up useful Checklists for farmers to use, for a number of different areas.  These are short documents that you can download and they contain guidelines  as to what to do, and not to do, in the course of Burren Programme work:

Optimising your (I-1) Field Score

Removal of Encroaching Scrub

Wall repair, Fence & Gate installation

Water Management – Provision and Protection

Vehicle Access Provision

Resources for Advisors

Within this section, the Burren Programme trained Advisors can find useful resources to help them with I1 Scoring and compiling the I1 and I2 plans for the farmers.   As always, we are at the end of the phone, or an email, if you have any questions, or pop into the office while you’re out and about doing field work.

The BP trained Advisor firstly visits the fields in order to obtain the I-1 score.  The Advisor, in the field, will need the Winterage Field Sheet or the BLG Field Sheet, depending on whether they are assessing a Winterage or a Burren lowland grassland (BLG).  The Guideline document, Scoring Burren Winterages, General Instructions & Guidelines accompanies the Winterage Scoring Sheet, giving guidelines on how to score a Burren Winterage. For BLG scoring the Advisor can reference the guideline document Scoring Burren Lowland Grasslands, General Instructions & Guidelines.    Once back in the office the Advisor then inputs the data into the relevant excel calculator;  into the Winterage Calculator for the Winterage fields and into the BLG Calculator for the BLG fields to obtain the I-1 score for the field.  The final stage of the process is inputting the scores and the management recommendations for all the BP fields into the most recent I-1 workbook, (dated 10th April 2019, password protected for BP Advisors only) and any changes to areas into the area matrix excel sheet.  Once the Advisor is happy with the plan the necessary files are emailed to the BP team for processing.

New I-2 Workbook, dated February 2019 – Password protected for use by Burren Programme Advisors only.  Also, available Guidelines to Advisors to help them with completing the I-2 Workbook. Additionally, we have included a  Sample eligible receipt handout for any farmers who need receipts when purchasing items. This handout will help the farmer and the shop owner prepare receipts that are DAFM compliant.

Annual Reports

Burren Programme started in 2016 with 194 farmers, the  Year 1 (2016) Executive Summary report summarises data for Year 1.  During 2017, Year 2, a further tranche of farmers applied to participate in the Burren Programme.  The executive summary for 2017, Year 2, can be found here.  In 2018, tranche 3 and tranche 4 farmers joined the Programme, we now have over 320 farmers involved.  The Year 3 (2018) Executive Summary report can be found here.

Useful Resources

With the introduction of Tranche 3 and Tranche 4 farmers in January 2018, the Terms and Conditions for the Burren Programme were updated.  Here you will find the most recent  Terms and Conditions.

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM), along with EU under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 have published this handbook on the European Innovation Partnership for Agriculture Productivity and Sustainability (EIP-AGRI) Operational Groups. This booklet contains a summary of the 23 EIP-AGRI projects that DAFM have selected.

EIP-AGRI Operational Group Booklet 2019

 To cite this publication: Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. 2019. EIP-AGRI: Ireland’s Operational Groups 2019
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