High Nature Value farming

/High Nature Value farming

Burren Winterage School 2017 Press Release October 18th 2017

New technologies for feeding and watering livestock on hill farms; the therapeutic use of farms to support vulnerable people (‘social farming’); agricultural policies which reward farmers for delivering environmental benefits: these are just some of [...]

Burren Winterage School – 26th – 29th October 2017

Community-inspired innovation for sustainable farming systems This year, the Burren Winterage School will be taking place in Ballyvaughan, starting on Thursday, 26th October at 7pm, with Aidan O'Driscroll, Secretary General of the Department of Agriculture, [...]

Second Atlantic Natura 2000 Seminar – Draft Seminar Report

As a milestone in the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process, the seminar serves the purpose of discussing issues of common concern and interest, in relation to the conservation and management of a number of habitats selected [...]

Conference live-streamed: Results-based payments for biodiversity achievements in agriculture

  30 March 2017, 9.30 - 17.30 European Economic and Social Committee, Bruxelles The conference will be live-streamed. Please feel free to link in on 30th March, by clicking on the link below: https://webcast.ec.europa.eu/results-based-agri-environment-schemes-rewarding-farmers-for-biodiversity-achievements The [...]

EPA Research Report No 209: Co-benefits for Water and Biodiversity from the Sustainable Management of High Nature Value Farmland

    The EPA has published the EPA Research Report No 209: Co-benefits for Water and Biodiversity from the Sustainable Management of High Nature Value Farmland. This report looks at the potential synergies between biodiversity and water quality delivery on High Nature Value (HNV) farmland. We describe HNV farmland in an Irish context and discuss the potential co-benefits of HNV farmland for biodiversity and water quality. The objectives of the study were to: explain the HNV farming concept; describe the distribution of HNV farmland in Ireland and explain the characteristics of HNV farmland in an Irish context; show the spatial distribution of HNV farmland in relation to high-status water bodies; discuss the support measures available for HNV farming and the potential for design of measures to provide both enhanced biodiversity and water quality in HNV areas.  Link to the Report: http://www.epa.ie/researchandeducation/research/researchpublications/researchreports/research209.html  Please feel free to circulate this link to any interested parties. Authors: James Moran and Caroline Sullivan EPA-funded research generates a scientific base to support environmental protection.  Projects are carefully targeted to deliver on three key areas: Identifying pressures; Informing policy; Developing solutions […]

Burren Winterage School 2016

Working with Nature: a Farmer-centred Approach 27th-29th Oct 2016 Kilfenora, Co.Clare Following on from last year's very successful Burren Winterage School, this year's event promises to be a great few days of talks, workshops and [...]

The Burren Winterage School, October 27th – 29th 2016

The annual Burren Winterage Weekend festival will take place this year from October 27th - 30th. This unique celebration of pastoral farming and its rich legacy of natural and cultural heritage will feature the winterage [...]

RBAPS Results-based Agri-enviroment Pilot Scheme – Newsletter

What is RBAPS?  Results-based agri-environment payment schemes are schemes where farmers and land managers receive payments for delivering a specific environmental result or outcome. These results-based approaches offer farmers the flexibility to use their knowledge [...]

National Economic and Social Council publishes research paper on the Burren Life Programme

Farmers Work to Resolve Environmental Challenges in the Burren The Burren is a unique area in North Clare, known for its abundant biodiversity and rich heritage. It provides the context for a fascinating account [...]

Burren Winterage School Supporting High Nature Value Farming in Europe 22nd-24th October 2015

Many of Europe’s finest landscapes and best biodiversity is found in areas where there has been a long tradition of extensive livestock grazing or ‘pastoral’ farming. The decline or demise of many of these farming [...]