Burrenbeo July 2021 Snapshot

It's easy to spot the pyramidal orchid or magairlín na stuaice (above) because of its pyramidal flowering head (when beginning to bloom, more cylindrical when in full bloom) with its stunning coral-pink colour.   It [...]

Burrenbeo July 2021 Snapshot2021-06-29T14:59:52+01:00

Burren Winterage School 2020

October 21st - October 25th Online Presentations, Discussions, Farming for Nature Awards, Farm Walks and More www.burrenwinterage.com The Burren Winterage School , now in its 7th year, is an annual gathering of farmers, researchers, [...]

Burren Winterage School 20202020-10-13T11:31:01+01:00
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