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Burren Programme Workers’ Database

The Burren Programme workers' database file contains names and contact details for farm workers with a range of skills including [...]

Guidelines for scoring Burren lowland grasslands

This document will help Advisors when scoring Burren lowland grasslands.  

Scoring Burren Winterages General Instructions & Guidelines

This document accompanies the M1 Scoring Sheet, giving guidelines on how to score a Burren winterage.

M1 Winterage Score Sheet

M1 Winterage Score Sheet A copy of the Winterage Score Sheet for Advisors, and farmers, to use when assessing each [...]

Burren Life Field Assessment Sheet

A copy of the Field assessment sheet to be used by Farm Advisors when assessing Measure 2 works is available [...]

Burren Life Farm Plan Workbook Template 2015

New Farm Plan Template, dated February 27th, 2015. Password protected for use by Burren Life Advisors only. Download at Farm Plan Template 2015

Measure 2 Menu 2015

The Menu of costs for Measure 2 works and equipment for 2015 may be downloaded below.

Burren Life Supplier List

A list of suppliers used by Burren Life farmers for products and services may be downloaded on the right.  

Burren Life Participants End of Year Forms 

Declaration form D1 and Declaration form D2 available for download: Form D1 Form D2

Traditional Burren Gate designs

Traditional Burren gate design, promoted by Burren Life and available from: Padraic Howley, Kilfenora (086-2747071) Noel Mullins, Boston (091-633313) Ian [...]

Guidelines for Burning Brashings

An information note on ‘Burning Cut Scrub’ from Clare County Council is reproduced below: Burning Cut Scrub Clare County Council Guidance [...]

Burren Programme Trained Advisors

A list of Burren Programme trained advisors is available here