Project Description

Two complimentary sets of guidelines to help you throughout your Burren Programme work

Burren Programme Checklists

The Burren Programme Team has set up useful Checklists for farmers to use, for a number of different areas.  These are short documents that you can download and they will give you guidelines  as to what to do, and not to do, in the course of Burren Programme work, whether that is:

Optimising your Field Score;

Removing Encroaching Scrub;

undertaking Wall repair, or installing a new Fence & Gate installation;

Improving Water Management or

improving an existing access track or planning a new track.

BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guides

During the course of the BurrenLIFE Project (2005 to 2010) a number of helpful guides where produced, that are still very applicable today, and should be used together with the BP checklists:

A Guide to Conservation in the Burren – BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guide No. 1

The Agricultural Heritage of the Burren – BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guide No. 2

Sustainable Grazing of Burren Winterages – BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guide No. 3

A Guide to Feeding Cattle on Burren Winterages – BurrenLIFE Best Pratice Guide No. 4

A Guide to Controlling Scrub on Burren Winterages and Other Areas – BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guide No. 5

These Burren Programme Checklist and the BurrenLIFE Best Practice Guidelines compliment each other, and should  be used together.